Key Facts for Diversity in Poetry

In 2005 less than 1% of poets published by major presses were black or Asian.

After 8 years of the Complete Works:

* In 2016 almost 10% of poets published were black or Asian. Research by the Director, Dr Nathalie Teitler shows this is estimated to be 12% in 2017.

* In 2015 Sarah Howe won the T.S Eliot prize.

* Mona Arshi won the Forward (first collection) prize.

*  8 of 20 TCW fellows have had/will have major press collections

* 6 of the 20 have completed/are completing PhD’s and will be teaching a diverse programme of poetry at British Universities, promoting a long term impact.

* The TCW poets have performed at over 100 festivals and conferences worldwide this year. 7 of them have been/are going on tour with the British Council.

* Warsan Shire and Malika Booker have both been Chairs of the Forward Prize collection.

* Warsan Shire’s work for Beyonce’s Lemonade album has reached millions, making her probably one of the most well known poets today.

@copyright 2016. All figures are based on Dr Nathalie Teitler’s research and the source should be acknowledged.