Call for Papers for The Complete Works Poetry

Conference on Diversity in Poetry:
Celebrating Ten Years of TCW

Goldsmiths University November 9th, 2017

Abstract of Papers due in by June 1st, 2017 (no more than 500 words)
Length of papers- maximum of 40 minutes

The Complete Works  Poetry is a national organisation promoting diversity, quality and innovation in British poetry. In its ten years it has seen the level of black and Asian poets published by major presses rise from less than 1% to 14%. On November 9th we will be hosting a conference on diversity in poetry to celebrate the changes, highlight on-going areas of concern and promote robust discussions around the complexity of diversity.

We are looking for papers of no more than 40 minutes (allowing time for questions) which contribute something unique to the on-going debate. Papers can be academic in style but we also welcome more creative interpretations and approaches. We are looking for papers which deal with diversity in the wider sense and, if possible, which offer ways forward. We will also expect papers to show a good awareness of the work achieved by The Complete Works and the changes of the last ten years.

For further information, please contact:
Dr Nathalie Teitler, Director of the Complete Works Poetry:

The conference will include strands about translation (with Modern Poetry in Translation), education (Barbican Young Poets) and Disability (Nine Arches Press) with readings and performances.


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